What are you saying FAO ?… Why There is no known cure yet for Xylella fastidiosa ???.

Totally wrong… No way, it’s too weird because we have been announcing it for years, that a tested and approved biological treatment really exists, just contact the laboratory of the National Institute of Agricultural Research of Tunis INRAT (Prof. Hajlaoui) which will provide you with a complete study on all the incurable and common diseases, in particular the Vine wood disease, Fire blight, Citrus Greening “HLB” disease, etc.

Yes, it is a real disaster…Why waiting while Xylella fastidiosa does’nt waste time, in gaining land by devastating on its way more than 500 species of plants in fields.

Xylella is a phytopathogenic bacterium able to attack different types of plants. Among the most important, besides the olive tree, there is also the vine which for this last species, was known exclusively as agent of Pierce’s disease (PD).

Six years ago, since Xylella spread to Apulia, then to Corsica and now to France, farmers haven’t stopped applying different types of products, but maliciously to no avail, and agriculture ministries without knowing, are wasting time in research through the chemical protocol.

Please FAO, do something for this hard situation.


Dr. Haj M’Hamed. A

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