L’épidémie de peste porcine africaine “est en train d’envahir le monde entier”

Tirelessly, the African swine fever epidemic virus “keeps invading the world”, causing massive contamination mortality among the population of wild boar and pig breeders. (interesting video attached)

☆☆☆ Why waiting years finding treatment ? ☆☆☆

With chemical protocol, there is no doubt that disease will present no cure today or later… But by collaborating, we can confirm the effectiveness of our organic remedy to help quickly farmers.

So, all States concerned by this disease, are invited to test our biological treatment “Animalia Bio-Cure”, drinkable in water and which hasn’t smell or bad taste, which is readily drinkable by any animal, contaminated or not (preventive), and 100% safe without any harmful effect or cons-indications.

It consists on a cocktail of synthetic enzymes, derived from artificial molecular microbiology, and shows a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, etc., activities (broad spectrum), being dedicated to the purification of any animal body from all toxins and diseases, to ensure him constantly a good health.

We provide growers tailor-made organic solutions, with unlimited quantity according the orders of each disease, in offering them new hope. So, they’ll won’t worry any more about their fields, crops and animals. Yours faithfully.

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