Maladies des animaux aquatiques

For the good preservation of aquaculture sector (fish, molluscs and, incidentally, crustaceans) against various pathologies, we have the great pleasure to inform that we have developed with great success a first & Unique “All in One” remedy.

Currently, aquatic diseases that are constantly changing, become very expensive for aquaculture, and it is for this reason we thought to develop an “All in One” biological therapy, to remedy all pathologies of fish, molluscs, crustaceans from the simple pathology to the more resistant, for very encouraging prices within the reach of all professionals.

“Hydrax 10” all in one, biological, non-toxic and non-ecotoxic, treats fish diseases (such as Nodavirus, White spot, etc.), and mollusks (hepatitis A, etc.), even the incurable… Test reports are from the Tunisian National Institute of Science & Technology of the Sea.

This solution consists of a therapy in the form of enzymatic cocktail that have to inject into the ponds of cultures for different kinds of fish or mollusks, and which will first of all have to disinfect the water by making it cleaner and limpid, and second, it will have to restore the health of the fish and protect them against any contamination, so that they remain always healthy with a better and more natural taste…

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